"Teamwork Begins by building trust ..."

In Buying or Selling residential or commercial property, above all, clients need advice that they can trust without question. Our agents combine their wealth of experience with our company’s infrastructure and operational excellence to provide a level of service that is unmatched in the region’s property market.

For the landlord or the occupier, good advice is critical. Our leasing team provides expert insights and management strategies in all disposal and acquisition assignments. We will take you on-hand through the entire process whether it’s pre-leasing, leasing or acquisition for any asset type.

In looking for residential property, above all, clients need advice that they can trust without question. Arabian Homes, with our agents combined their wealth of experience with our company’s infrastructure and operational excellence to provide a level of service that is unmatched in the region’s property market.

Residential property is the most common and affordable real estate investment. We can easily provide quality properties for affordable price and experience the entire best and cozy home you’ve always dreamed of at the capital Emirate of UAE, Abu Dhabi – The safest city in UAE.

Take your life to new heights as Arabian Homes introduce a fresh perspective to residential living in Abu Dhabi city. First-rate amenities elevate the quality of life of the residents as they get to enjoy an array of daily activities and right balance of comfort and convenience in an elevated, upgraded residential properties with exclusive access to topnotch amenities and in close proximity to the top restaurants, transportation hubs, shopping malls, grocery supermarket and entertainment spots in Abu Dhabi.

Arabian Homes commits itself to providing access to luxurious urban living through vertical communities perfectly integrated with a commercial retail environment, giving its residents access to a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Enjoy the convenience of comfortable life in the heart of Abu Dhabi while luxuriating amidst the quiet calm of the city.

We Truly deliver a home worthy of the most memorable individual, couples and families.

Arabian Homes is committed in convergence of modernization, dynamism, innovation and prestige, guaranteed in all its properties and on expanding opportunities while retaining a high standard of customer needs. We ensure to understand and appreciate client’s necessities and objectives where you can plant your roots as you start your career.

Commercial and Retail property is a commercially zoned property used solely for business purposes, the actual selling of the product, rather than its manufacture – retail stores, malls, shopping centers and shops all huddling nicely under the retail umbrella. 
Live in an address where business meets pleasure. Arabian Homes offers convenient spaces for successful and stylish entrepreneurs and corporates. Our Commercial and Retail space offers the seamless fusion of the business and life you’ve always dreamed of.

Arabian Homes Commercial and Retail Outlets can be found within the complex of Abu Dhabi – the city’s vibrant lifestyle and progressive business district. It Offers an impressive collection of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as easy accessibility to the local transportation hubs.

Our well dedicated and experienced advisors and negotiator team are always available to assist clients in search for office, commercial and retail spaces for lease and sale in Abu Dhabi. Our team guarantees you in providing community that is surrounded with great opportunities. Everything the business and professional needs right within the vicinity – with schools, parks and shops. We make sure our properties within commercial retail environments and provide you with quality amenities and top-notch services.

Arabian Homes offers commercial, retail, office and commerce spaces and surrounding amenities like a lounges, parking, cafes suited for professionals looking to strike a balance work and life. We promote to reduce commercial, retail and office leasing rate and occupancy risks while capitalize on work place flexibility and productivity. 

Firstly an industrial property is defined as a property used for the actual manufacturing of something, and can be considered either a factory or plant. This is usually zoned for light, medium or heavy industry. This includes things such as warehouses, garages and distribution centers etc. 

Arabian Homes Industrial property team offers professional leasing, development and market and acquisition services to meet the requirements of national and international companies, e.g. oil & gas, construction, FMCG, automotive, logistics and distribution and may more.

We in Arabian Homes anticipate on helping cost- efficiently local and international companies ease the tough part of searching for the warehouses may it be for production, manufacturing, zoning, construction and sales businesses. Our team provides manufacturing buildings and warehouses meeting all the customer requirements and in line with local authority regulations.

Arabian Homes industry areas have its own transport hub strategically located within the Abu Dhabi Industrial area such as Musaffah Industrial Area, Khalifah Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi ( KIZAD ), Al Dhafra, Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD ), Mafraq Industrial Area and Sanaiya Industrial area in Al Ain.

Service Area

Al Reem Island, Al Raha Beach, Saadiyat island, Yas Island, Al Salam Street, Al Reef, Al Khalidiya, Mussafah etc.

Arabian Homes provides simplified solutions for our dear business and company owners concerning the establishment of their manpower.
As per the ministerial resolution no. 591 of 2016 concerning of commitment of establishment, establishments with 50 or more workers, where the wage of each worker is less than AED 2,000 Per Month, organization must provide accommodation for its workers.

Our dedicated agents aid to extent options where client can choose depending on their preferences as we have multiple ranges area including Musaffah, Al Reef, Baniyas, Mafraq and other easy access and economically reasonable community. Moreover, Options like multiple rooms to independent camps. This cuts down ample time and efforts required for the same job. 

We operate worker accommodations in Abu Dhabi at full scope of both hard and soft facility management services, covering all aspect of facility management and manage the cleanliness of all rooms at all times. We deal with Zones Corp approved labor camp, Municipality approved labor camps and economical labor camps so as to meet all customer requirements in line with “International Labor Standards.”

We – Arabian Homes take care of all facility management within our residence and ensure the sound operation and maintenance of our assets. Our technically service team is trained to provide the highest of living standards for our worker accommodation facilities in Abu Dhabi. Camp inspection shall be carried out on regular bases to ensure all workers have safe and hygienic accommodations. 
Our service locations include ICAD, Musaffah Industrial area, Al Mafraq, YAS Island, Shahama, Al Wathba , Hameem, Mirfa, MadientZayed, Ruwais, Ghayathi and many more.